The World Awaits to meet Ishaputra

The Bhairavas-Bhairavis, the devotees and the followers of His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra have been writing to the team of Kaulantak Peeth, from every part of the planet, for two years. Many write their spiritual queries and request an answer from His Holiness, Kaulantak Nath while most express one single wish for which they say, they can give up anything. The wish is to meet His Holiness in person. 

The ones who have genuine spiritual queries are fortunate that they get the answer either as reply to their email or His Holiness makes a video as the reply, if the answer can help others too. The process never stops. But what about those who were waiting to have Darshan of His Holiness before the fatal COVID hit the world and left them with no choice but to wait? And the wait seems to be endless, they said.

The last visit of Mahasiddha Ishaputra outside the country was to Switzerland and Bali, alongwith His consort, Ma Padma Priya in the year end, 2019. They were bound to visit their devotees in Japan in the first quarter of the year 2020. During these visits, the devotees arranged private Satsangs, meditation sessions with the Kaulantak Nath, get-togethers of His Holiness with His close Bhairavas, alongwith their family, go around to places in their natives with them and much more. His Holiness was troubled because He Himself awaited to visit His Bhairavas-Bhairavis in the land of Rising Sun. It was the first time that He agreed to visit Japan. And then the longest Government announced pandemic of the century hit humanity- COVID early in 2020. 

For the one who is in deep Love, the world comes to a complete halt, if the Lover doesn’t meet as promised.

–His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra

It is noteworthy that His Holiness does not accept invitations from big organizations, whether in India or from anywhere in the globe. Though the team of Kaulantak Peeth is trying if the chosen representative Acharyas can accept the invitation from various organizations, including the Yoga centers, health-oriented companies, multinational corporations and enlighten them about the ancient tradition of the Himalayan Siddhas and their techniques to grow spiritually while live a meaningful life.  

Some Buddhist teachers insist that believing in rebirth is necessary for living an ethical life. Their concern is that if there Since the COVID began till the present time, the Kaulantak Peeth team find it difficult to console the devotees with immense love and longing in their hearts to meet Ishaputra. It is sometimes surprising and a mystery to the team that how does His Holiness rule the hearts of the natives of such far lands as Easter islands, Hawai, Alaska, Toronto, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Cape Town, Botswana, Costa Rica, South Korea, Singapore and the list goes on. Language is not the barrier in the emails and phone calls for the lovers of His Holiness, in expressing their love for Him in broken English language also. All they want is to express their long-standing wish to have Shri Darshan (see Him in person) and talk to Him once, share their spiritual experiences, their dreams about Him, and if possible ask their spiritual queries in a Satsanga (spiritual gathering). 

The heart understands only emotions. Logic has no place in the matters of Devotion and love. Although, everyone knows that Mahasiddha Ishaputra will visit their country once the COVID situation is in control and allows Him to travel, yet they ask the same thing, ‘When will Ishaputra come to meet us?’ It is tough for the Kaulantak Peeth’s team to make them understand that there is something called the VISA process that takes time and is in the hands of a third party authority. For the ardent devotees, it is only His Holiness and they themselves, ready to invite His Holiness to their native country, in their homes. 

It is tough and disappointing that the COVID situation seems to worsen again and the travel plans of His Holiness are uncertain. The Kaulantak Peeth team takes strict measures for His security and decides to do what it takes to keep Him safe, so that His Holiness can at least address His Bhairavas and Bhairavis regularly through the live interactive sessions and YouTube videos. 

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