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Oldest Siddha Tradition of

Himalayan Siddhas

Goddess Kurukulla

Then Bhagwan Shiva manifests in form of Swacchanda Bhairav & Ma Parvati in form of Goddess Kurukulla. They decided to reside in the region of Kulant Peeth. Kulant Peeth is the Kaulantak Peeth.

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Mahasiddha Ishaputra

Mahasiddha Isha Nath said, “You are my Son. Now take my name and say that You are Ishaputra. Now go and establish Dharm.” He then descended from the Himalayas to enlighten the human race.

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Kaulantak Peeth

Mahasiddha Kakbhushundhi Nath says, “There are two forms of Kaulantak Peeth. One form is the earth and the sky that you see. And the other form is beyond the reach of ordinary humans.”

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We are Himalayan Siddhas. We follow the tradition of ‘Deva Parampara’. In Swacchanda Bhairav, Lord Shiva’s Tradition, there are many Devi-Devatas who are not enlisted in any scriptures. Kaulantak Peeth is the only place where you can explore all the Devi-Devatas with the Nagas, Asuras, Garudas, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Apsaras, Khecharas, Bhoocharas, Jalacharas, Dakinis, Yoginis, Beeras, Bhairavas, Betalas, Vyalas and so on.

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Our Legacy

Followed by Millions of People Worldwide

The Kaulantak Nath is not the simple Guru like the contemporary spiritual leaders. He is the Chosen One by the great Himalayan Mahasiddha Guru, MahaHimalayeshwar, ‘Sakal Kala Nayak’, Shri Siddha Siddhanta Nath Ji Maharaja. On one side He is the Kaulantak Nath, head of Kaulantak Peeth, on the other, His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra is the King of the Siddha Bhairav and Bhairavis.

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The ancient wisdom of the Himalayan Siddhas is for the entire human race. The Siddhas left the rich legacy of thousands of ways to know oneself, to be complete and to understand the meaning of life.

Spiritual Awakening Programs

Kaulantak Peeth organizes worldwide spiritual awakening programs through different means. You can join online courses or attend the events physically or through live webcast.

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To understand the wisdom, rituals, idols, iconography, visit the authentic source for the knowledge of Himalayan Siddha Tradition. Visit


We are re-writing the oldest manuscripts of Siddha Dharma, building Himalayan Siddha Temples with Gurukulas, helping seekers with Siddha education and preserving art & cultural heritage of the oldest flourishing Himalayan Siddha tradition.

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The first step is to get initiated into the tradition of Himalayan Siddhas through ‘Kula Pravesh’ Deeksha. 

You can apply for the ‘Kula Pravesh’ here.

Usually what the beginner seekers understand by ‘Deeksha’ is the process to be initiated by a particular spiritual master or into a spiritual organization. 

But in Kaulantak Peeth, the ancient seat of wisdom tradition of the Himalayan Siddhas, Deeksha is the spiritual process through which you receive the immense spiritual energy from the greatest Mahayogi that lives on the planet, His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra. 

There are two ways to receive the Deeksha from His Holiness:

  1. The Sparsh Deeksha (only happens in physical Deeksha camp)
  2. Deeksha through Sookshm that is passed on to the seeker following a special process: 
  • The Karmakand ritual is performed, in front of our Kula Devi Goddess Kurukulla,   according to the ancient tradition of the Himalayan Siddhas. 
  •  A secret ritual for the Sadhana ‘Anushthan’ is performed especially for you, following which, the Deeksha is then passed on through the ‘Sankalp Shakti’ by His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra. 

Note: Please see that the ‘Kula Pravesh’ Deeksha is the online Deeksha and is passed on through the ‘Sookshm’ way.

There are many ways to help Siddha Tradition. You can help preserve and spread Siddha Tradition by choosing to volunteer in one or more of its projects. Like: 

  • Preserving the Manuscripts 
  • Construction of Himalayan Siddha Centres and Temples 
  • Spreading the word about the oldest tradition of Siddha Dharm 
  • Financial Aid


To know more contact Kaulantak Peeth.

Yes you can donate as per your wish in the following bank account of Kaulantak Peeth.

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Kurukulla Temple Now Waiting for Kalash

Kurukulla Temple Now Waiting for Kalash

Since the devotees visited Kaulantak Peeth to have the Darshan of the Kula Mayi in large numbers, we decided to open the doors of the new temple soon. Kaulantak Peeth is going to invite all Bhairavas-Bhairavis for the ceremony to consecrate the Devi’s Kalash & the ceremony to welcome Kula Mayi in Her temple.

Shri Adi Brahma Meets Kurukulla

Shri Adi Brahma Meets Kurukulla

In Deva Parampara of Himalayas, Devi-Devatas go into ‘Dhyana’ in the winter months. One doesn’t witness the activity of Devi-Devata. But this new year, Bhagwan Adi Brahma came to Kaulantak Peeth in His rare tour to meet His ardent devotees.

The World Awaits to meet Ishaputra

The World Awaits to meet Ishaputra

Hundreds of emails from Bhairavas-Bhairavis & devotees from around the globe, continue to drop-in for His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra each day about their longing to meet Him in person. They await for COVID to get over & invite Him in their country.